Providing security solutions to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of our clients


BC Guards is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our clients by providing them with a monitored environment


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As a local BC-based business, BC Guards is committed to serving customer-oriented security services in the Lower Mainland area. We are fully licensed and provide high-quality security solutions. Our security personnel is professionally trained, certified, and well equipped to handle all types of security and safety compromising situations. Holding years of experience in crisis management, disaster planning, monitoring, and safety assessment.

We are acclaimed for being a high-risk management service provider and our certified and experienced team is well equipped to handle any type of crisis management issues, unforeseen incidents, accidents, and medical emergencies. Our uniformed team works to coordinate with our dispatch team and clients to ensure a safe environment in the area and premises prior to starting. We will do a full security assessment and risk analysis to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and their guests from all types of unforeseen.

If you require security in silence, we can provide that as well by sending our team in plain clothing. BC Guards provides security services to many different sectors such as;

  • Retail Businesses
  • Corporate Offices
  • Banking Institutions
  • Small-big Scaled Events
  • Private Events